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Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's about time!!

Finally I have found a group of people that share the same interests and intensity (actually more intense) that I have. Recently I have gotten more into mountain biking. The Hubb Cycle Shop in Hays has become a common place I visit these days. The crew down at the Hubb have been extremely helpful in getting me up and going and keeping me going while I learn the in's and out's of mountain biking. I rode in my first race last month and was hooked. It was a 5 hour race and realized shortly after the race began, that I'm not in race shape. I was riding quite a bit this summer and with school starting haven't had the free time I had this summer. I still ride everyday, but more of a commuter ride than training. Never the less, it's still peddling!!

This weekend I went out to Wilson Lake after I got off work Saturday night. It was pretty late, ok, early Sunday morning, when I finally made it out to the lake. I needed to wake up to a lake sunrise. The sun wasn't even up when Riley decided she needed to be up and about as well. I feel so bad, Riley has really been a trooper lately. I haven't had much free time to run and play with her but she has hung in there like always. She was so happy to be able to run and play.

Today was suppose to be pretty windy so we decided to go ride the trails while it was still cool and before the wind started blowing. The trails at Wilson are pretty technical. It was a great workout first thing in the morning. I have ridden the Big Creek trail a couple of times and enjoy it but Wilson will definitely make you learn how to ride and power through the technical portions.

We rode for about 2 hours, finished the 15 mile trail and headed back to camp for a snack. The wind had already started blowing but that was going to stop us from heading out on the kayaks and getting a good paddle in. Unfortunately I had to work tonight so we only got to paddle for about two hours, if even that. Paddling into the wind to begin with sure made for a peacful stroll back to the cove we camped at. It was good to get back out in the kayak and getting on the open water. The wave were white capping pretty good today and it made for a gnarly ride. Needless to say I had to dump a bit of water out of the hull when we got done. I had my spray skirt on but still seemed to manage to get some wet. It was a great time.

There is a ride coming up in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to it. It starts on a farm north of Russell, continues on country roads to Paradise and then backtracks back to the farm. It'll be a nice 40 mile road ride to get me legged up for the Coronado Challenge in November. Once you ride in a race you get hooked!! The people that attend these events are a blast to be around and are always willing to lend a hand to those in need. It was amazing how well the accept new blood into the sport and encourage each other. I noticed how tight knit they are and have a true passion and love for cycling.

Hope all is well with everyone and apologies for the tardiness for a new post. I got a few shots this morning of the sunrise at the lake and hope to have them posted later this week.