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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today the shy was beautiful. There were so many vibrant clouds that I just couldn't resist. The lords of Calculus had their fill with me this week so I didn't have to worry about them. Instead I couldn't pass up an opportunity to fullfil my soul with some nature. It is hard to get some color in the winter time around here, so when it is there, I just have to take full advantage of it. I saw the New Moon last night and it was beautiful. So I knew tonight I had to get some pictures of it as well. It is really cool right now because Venus is in the evening sky if you look early. That is what is next to the Moon in these pictures. I have went to the observatory a couple of times in the past weeks and hope to get it rigged so I can get some astrophotography in the next couple of weeks. Jupiter will be up on the sky later on in February and I hope that I can get some pictures of that. I have to do some trial and error and figure out how to use the adapter to get my camera on there. I like it better in the country where there isn't as much light distraction. It is so much clearer outside of town. You just can't get skies like these anywhere.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend in KC

This weekend I went to KC to run some errands and hang out with Tracy, Emily and J-man. I miss all of them so dearly. I truly got spoiled over Christmas break getting to spend so much time with them. I love hanging out with them. It is so peacful. Went to a couple of cool places while I was there. Most of these pictures are at the Kemper Art Museum. There was some fabulous architecture there. I didn't get some of the more interesting shots that I wanted. This was only the second time that I had shot any architecture. The art was beuatiful though. It definately feeds the soul, that is for sure. The colors are like the winds of change when it is dead winter outside. I think that is one of the reasons that I don't like winters in Kansas. All of the color is drowned out by drab dreary dormancy. That is why I have doing a lot of B&W's. I like the composition and let that feed me rather than color.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The sky was poppin'

The last picture was from a previous night last week a few days before the full Moon. This last full Moon was the fullest of 2009 due to the winter Moon cycle. Tonight the night sky talked to me. It was so alive and peaceful. It is amazing how the weather changes with the Sun and Moon cycles. Some of these were around ten o'clock and then I watched the Moon rise and it was amazing. Not the best moon, but just watching it rise was really cool. It was pretty cold out when I took the first pictures and then it warmed up just before the Moon rose. Ater the moon had peaked and well above the horizon the wind really picked up and got really nippy. It was a brisk wind. The gravity of the Moon makes the currents that ripple through our lives...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Night sky

These are some shots that I took about 4 this morning. In the one shot, it happened to work out just as a car was driving by to get the headlights in. I really was hoping that I was going to get a chance to get some shots on Saturday during the full moon. I guess there will be others in the future.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The sun was beautiful the last two days. I got some pictures. I'm still working on the Chruch circuit. I have, for some reason a fascination with churches right now. It started New Year's Day. St Fidelis is a beautifully crafted structure, inside and out. I think that may have been what started my vision. Also, with thanks to my cousin Jennifer, I have really ran with this idea that she had about tiolets. She made a joke about it, but honestly I think that it would make a great coffee table book. There are all kinds of fixtures in all different kinds of facilities. Hoping that you all realize that these will not be scratch and sniff pictures. Thank God!! I may start working on that. I would like tobe trucking again, so I could get out of this region for that project. We'll see how far I get with it. I thought that it would be interesting if I could get a full story with the pictures. The history of houses, business and such. That, I think is what would be the most interesting view of it.

Also, I am trying to figure out stained glass. I have the vision in my head, just can't get the exposure down. I love the simple beauty of stained glass windows. If you notice, I have even added the mouse's view of two churches. One inside, the other out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just some more photos that I took today. The sun was calling my name. Notice the moon in the photo of the single rail car. I can't wait until the full moon.

I took the dogs out to run again tonight a little after 5, hoping that I wasn't going to miss the sunset. Looking outside I didn't see any real signs that it was going to be a good one tonight. I should have known better than to trust a city view. I got out to in the country and sure enough, I was about 15 minutes late. It was pretty tonight, but then again, when aren't sunsets pretty? Because I'm too stubburn to sit down and read the whole manual, I messed up the few sunset pictures that I did get. They say, when one door closes another door opens. I was watching the clouds ( I have been known to be a daydreamer) and realized it was going to be a pretty clear night for a while. So Riley helped me load up the pickup, actually now that I think about it, no she didn't. I will have to go talk to her about that this morning. SO I went and loaded the pickup and we went out and about. Taking those pictures at St. Fidelis in Victoria got me to thinking about the beautiful Catholic churches we do have around here. Not many 'that' beautiful, but most churches are beautiful in their own way. So we first started at St. Joe's in Hays and then I guess I just must had a limestone minute and went down to Ft. Hays and foundsome good light and started shooting. I had a couple more stops before we got home. I just got lost in the evening and that's what I have been needing. I think I may be devoloping a passion for this. Just like anything, it gets frustrating trying to figure out how to take vivid pictures, but with time I'll get it figured out. I have gotten a little better since the first ones I took.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Emily and Tracy also have taught me so much lately. I have seen what true happiness is. It is a beautiful thing. Through thick and thin they are always there for each other. They both cherish Jonas each and every day. You guys have been my role models for quite some time. Thank You so much!